Scott Conley
President, Davies Teachers Association


As a result of bargaining collectively through our union, we have been able to better the working and personal lives of our teachers. A few of the things we have been able to do include:

  • Use of sick bank for pregnant and parenting teachers
  • Cooperative representation in teacher evaluation appeals and processes
  • A collaborative voice in professional development opportunities
  • Competitive salaries and benefits befitting teacher education and experience

Additionally, working with NEARI, we have been able to do tremendous things for the students we serve. The NEARI Children’s Fund has provided industry apparel for our neediest students. We have been able to establish scholarship programs, and through the Gingerbread Express program we have been able to provide holiday cheer to families whose budgets make gift giving a very real struggle.

Finally, as NEARI members, we have the incredible benefit of being a part of a supportive state-wide team dedicated to equity and support for educators with the many issues that arise in the course of a professional career. In this age of changing initiatives and expectations, NEARI is dedicated to providing better standards and fairness for all its members and the students we teach.


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