Why be a member?

Thanks to unions like the National Education Association RI, members benefit from better wages, fairer working conditions, and a voice in the workplace. 

On average, union workers earn 28% more than non-union workers. The 15 states with the highest teacher salaries (including Rhode Island) are those with the strongest collective bargaining laws and the highest percentage of union membership. The states with the lowest salaries and lowest membership tend to have no collective bargaining rights. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

With your union membership, you benefit from:

  • A bargained contract. All employees draw the same benefits, rights, and protections under your local contract.
  • A voice in running your union. You have the right to participate in the decision-making process of your local, state, and national unions — including ratification of contracts, election of local, state, and national union leaders, and other key decisions.
  • Added power. Members acting together present a strong, united front to management at the bargaining table and beyond.
  • Added protection and expertise. You are represented by experts and union attorneys in matters beyond the contract, such as changes in Department of Education policies or health care reform.
  • Impact on public policy. NEARI lobbyists represent your interests in the legislature and public policy arena.
  • Protection as an individual. NEA provides liability insurance valued at $1 million to protect you personally from any liability claim against you in your workplace.
  • A voice in political action work. You can impact those who vote on education policy by participating in the Association’s political endorsement process of candidates for state or federal office.
  • Access to professional development. You can take part in free professional development offerings and labor advocacy trainings.
  • Saving money through Member Benefits. You can save hundreds of dollars a year by taking advantage of discounted rates on car insurance, homeowners insurance, appliances, car rentals, and so much more.

What others have to say 

Zdenko Juskuv, President, CCRI Adjunct Faculty
Scott Conley, President, Davies Teachers Association
Amanda Boswell, President, NEA Portsmouth




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