ESP members are essential

As an Education Support Professional (ESP) employee, you know just how much your workplace colleagues and your students depend on you - and your fellow NEARI members do too!

Join the ESP Caucus!

The NEARI ESP Caucus represents the interests of ESP members at the state level of the Association. The Caucus also is a prime supporter of the NEARI Children's Fund, running various fundraising events throughout the year for needy students. Caucus members also enhance NEARI's Read Across America celebration by giving away thousands of new and gently used books to children who attend the event, collected throughout the year. Contact Caucus Chairperson Kristin Chase at

Check out the 2016 NEARI ESP of the Year

A threat to ESP – privatization

Privatization, or “contracting out,” is part of a broad campaign that seeks to transfer many parts of our community life, including the delivery of education services, into the hands of private, for-profit corporations. While all of education is targeted by the privateers, ESP jobs are particularly at risk.

You can't get the same for less

Although private contractors nearly always promise cost savings, these savings can be illusory. Bids often do not take into account all the costs involved, and contractors may underbid initially to win a contract. And there is more to the work of ESP than just costs, and much more at stake when jobs are contracted out - the quality of education and even the safety of our children can be at risk. Private contractors may bring in strangers from outside the community with no connection to the students and families they serve, and cost-cutting can threaten student and employee health and safety.

ESPs know the students and their families, and are committed to their communities. They are essential members of a unified education workforce that educates the whole child. Privatization equals a cut in services for the school, a cut in benefits and wages for employees, and a risk to safety for students and families.

How you can fight privatization

NEA’s ESP Quality Department has resources to help fight privatization. For more information, contact Tim Barchak at NEA ESP Quality.

"ESP" - what does it mean?

"ESP" stands for Education Support Professional members, who support students and teachers, manage school offices, clean buildings, drives buses, and do so much more.


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