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This is the place to find out about whatever issues NEARI is working on - and lend your voice to the effort!

The Statehouse, Congress, the Department of Education, the courts, local government, and more. NEARI and NEA work at every level to ensure members and students are treated fairly, and the opportunity to access a quality public education is available to all. Whether it's lobbying at the Statehouse or action in Congress, the power lies with an informed membership. Check here often for timely news and information on a variety of issues.

Current issues

The passage of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) - the replacement for the federal No Child Left Behind law, ESSA loosens the restrictions of high-stakes testing and the grip of federal control over state education policies.

The resolution of the Friedrichs case at the US Supreme Court - which challenged the validity of charging non-members an agency fee for benefiting from local union bargaining and protection.

NEARI 2016 Legislative Program - the platform of issues upon which NEARI's lobbying program is based.

NEARI 2016 Continuing Resolutions - the documents which outlines all NEARI positions and serves as the guiding tenets for the organization.

Statehouse action - during the annual General Assembly session (January to June), updates will be posted on a regular basis.

Lobbying the leaders

Issue by issue, it's easy to make your mark by becoming a cyber-lobbyist. You can contact your local and state officials, and/or sign up to be an NEA "education insider" for the latest on the national political scene.


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